Chronic Knee Pain Doesn’t Have To Mean No More Killer Cardio Sessions – Heather Tells Us Why

A frustrated runner who found her solution on a mini-trampoline.


Heather contacted us to explain how glad she is that she found Boogie Bounce. A low-impact form of exercise that she loves doing, that doesn’t aggravate her pre-existing knee injury.

Heather told us “When I started fitness I used to run, but developed a knee pain issue which went on for years and never really got resolved.”

While some people are fortunate and can continue with their passion for running for years, many people, including Heather, can develop joint issues, especially in their knees. Often the hard impact of road running is the culprit.

Heather explains that she started lifting weights and swimming, as well as trying fitness programmes such as Zumba and Pilates. Heather was desperate to continue exercising while avoiding causing any potential damage to her knees which were still causing her pain.

That’s when she was introduced to Boogie Bounce. “A friend said we should go to Boogie Bounce, and I fell in love with it!  It doesn’t bother my knee at all. I’m just so glad that I found something I can do, that I actually enjoy and doesn’t bother my leg.”

“Boogie bounce is just fun and versatile, and I love the jumps and flicks and just love it as it doesn’t cause any discomfort to my leg.”


Bouncing on a rebounder can help to reduce the impact and stress to joints when exercising by providing a soft gradual landing while distributing the increased G-forces equally. This means joints and muscles can be strengthened without the cost usually associated with the high impact nature of running. Rebounding is also encouraged by NASA to improve the bone density of astronauts returning from the zero gravity environment of space, which can help reduce injuries such as fractures!

You can learn more about all the fantastic benefits of bouncing on a rebounder here.


What Else Does Heather Enjoy About Boogie Bounce?


“My fitness has improved and I just enjoy it. I love doing cardio and just find Boogie Bounce fun. I also like that I can do strengthening stuff too, like legs and abs etc.”

Boogie Bounce is not just about pure cardio routines. We offer multiple programmes such as Strength & Tone, Box n’ Bounce and Boogie Bands – all of which are designed to compliment each other and develop an all round fitness experience. You can check out all of the available programmes here.

You can learn more about bouncing from home with our range of high-quality rebounders – here.

You can find your local classes by using our class finder – here.

If you would like to ask us any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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