Boogie Bands is a 30 minute resistance band workout with a difference! Strengthen your glutes, legs and core to fabulous tunes and funky and easy to follow choreographed routines with high & low options for all abilities!

The sweat will be dripping in your fully packed 30 minute workout. With 20 minutes of sassy dance choreography, followed by 10 mins of pure floor booty & ab exercises, you will finish feeling utterly amazing and perfectly toned!

There are three different difficulties of band. This allows the programme to be accessible to beginners while still being challenging for more experienced people.

Whether you join us in a class or workout at home using the Boogie Bounce App you will be guided through your Boogie Bands session by one of our wonderful instructors who will provide adaptations and lower options if required.

Boogie Bands is fantastic if you are looking for:

  • Toning and lifting your bum.
  • Toning and building strength in your legs
  • Improving balance
  • Improving core strength
  • Beginner and advanced
  • Sense of achievement by progressing through levels.

Join us for this totally unique take on a resistance band workout that is extremely effective and can’t be found anywhere else!

Boogie bands are available from the Boogie Bounce Shop here. You can either join us on the Boogie Bounce Mobile App for just an additional £1.99p per month, or use our class search tool and find an instructor local to you.



Boogie Bounce is the sensational, high energy, dance inspired exercise programme, to get fit and lose weight on a high quality trampoline and T-bar handle.

We believe that people are much more likely to stick to an exercise programme if it is fun, engaging, and doesn’t feel like exercise. We instil this attitude within our wonderful instructors worldwide.

If fitness classes aren’t for you, then join our motivational instructors from your home and work out using our foldable trampoline and Boogie Bounce App.